Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifted Finds

We ventured out to a few thrift stores last weekend looking for some specific clothing items for me. Can you believe that I found several pieces that were exactly what I was looking for? God's provision is so awesome!

Brown Mary Janes- $1.50
2 denim skirts- $2.84 each

Some other good deals we found:

Wooden high chair- $12

(I would like to make a cushion for the seat and back; anyone have ideas for this? For the time being, I stuffed a towel onto the seat  and over the back so Miss Peanut doesn't slide down or hit her head.:-)

Pile of fabric for sewing projects. Some are pillowcases and curtains that I thought were really great pieces, others actual fabric lengths. Not sure how much I paid for all of these- they ranged in price from 10 cents to $1.49.

The biggest surprise of the day was getting to Goodwill and discovering that because of the snow days last week, the store was holding a Snow Storm Sale with 25% off your entire purchase!  The shelves and racks were packed with all kinds of goodies and the crowd large.

Have you found any great thrifted items lately? 

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