Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Yard Sale and Thrifting Finds

We went to a bunch of yard sales this past Saturday and scored some great deals! We hadn't been out for a morning of die-hard yard saling since April when we found our couch, so this was lots of fun! I was even able to find a few items that were on the list for our new house.

The highlight of the trip was finding a set of four Fire King custard bowls with lids for 50 cents! I was so thrilled to find "Pyrex leftover bowls with lids" that I didn't even notice that they are Fire King until later that afternoon.

Other wonderful finds:

-- Pillow insert: $1.00
-- Frontier Logs set (similar to Lincoln Logs): $1.00
-- Lamp: 50 cents
-- Dish drainer: 50 cents
-- Bag of Mega Blocks: 50 cents
-- Clock: 10 cents (I still haven't put new batteries in it to see if it works, but figured 10 cents was worth the risk!)
-- 2 Kingdom Heirs videos: 25 cents each
-- Set of navy curtains(already hung up but you can see the package in the picture): $4.00
-- Vera Bradley purse, checkbook cover and wallet: $2.00

One purchase always lead to another, you know, so after we got home from our adventure, I ran out to our neighborhood thrift stores to find a super long curtain rod so we could hang the new curtains in the office. No luck with second-hand curtain rods but I did find these two items:

--Tupperware  relish tray/baby dish: 25 cents
-- Super cute Liz Claiborne red shoes: $3.49

I think the Goodwill prices in our area are kind of high, especially for clothing, but I really liked these shoes so it was worth the price!

What about you? Any great thrifty treasures lately?


The Working Home Keeper said...

Great finds Mary Ann! Haven't been out to a yard sale in two weeks. But we did get a free sofa recently from one of my husband's co-workers!

Mary Ellen

Rhonda said...

I collect Pyrex but also have some Fireking and Bakewell brands - I like them just as much. Use them, you will be hooked if you are not already.
Your shoes are cute and I really like your Vera B. set.

We just went to one church rummage sale this weekend - got a bag of nice clothes, jammies and socks for my grandchildren for $5, 4 pears for 50 cents and a bag of toy dishes for 50 cents.

Lyn said...

You got a steal on that Vera Bradley purse and checkbook cover. I have a few of their purses, mostly given to me as a gift, and even on sale they are not inexpensive.

gail said...

wow--$3.49 for name brand sounds cheap to me. i paid $8 at the vancouver goodwill a month ago for some cute black sandals and they weren't even name brand that i remember. i figure i would have paid $20-$30 new so it was worth it to me. i've worn them alot too.

you are so lucky to have a hubby who likes to go yard saling with ya. i haven't been in years since the hubster hates yard sales. i always seem to see them when he's with me! lol