Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Harris Teeter had peaches on sale for $.49 a pound recently so I decided that was a good stock-up price for canning and freezing!

I marched myself right in there and asked the produce manager for two boxes. Each box was right about 25 pounds. From reading my Ball Blue Book of Canning, I knew that I should figure 2-3 pounds of peaches per quart. I wanted at least 10 quart canned plus some to freeze and a few to eat fresh so 50 pounds seemed like a good amount.

I spent most of last Friday peeling, slicing, canning and freezing those peaches! I ended up with 14 quart canned, 8 quart frozen, 2 quarts of  frozen peach puree for 2 batches of  jam to make later and 1 peach cobbler. We also had lots to eat fresh!

I'm looking forward to having home-canned peaches to eat this winter! I'll use the frozen peaches for cobblers, pies and smoothies.

When I make the jam, I'll let you know how it turns out!


Denise said...

Yum, canning was one of my favorite things to do, well not the cleaning up, but when you are finished and can see the "fruits" of your labor and get to enjoy it later nothing beats that! Don't get many deals that make canning worth it around here, maybe I should do some checking again, when I lived in the Midwest we went right to the farmers.

Mary Ann said...


Yeah, I'd prefer to buy directly from the farmer. However, this was the only price I'd found where I could afford to buy enough to preserve. They are SC peaches though, grown about 2 hours from here. That made me feel better.:-)

Yes, canning makes a big mess but in the end, after I've gotten everything cleaned and the sticky mess off the floor, :-) it's worth it. Love seeing these on my pantry shelves!

Bevy said...

Yum!! This reminds me of what I've got scheduled to post for tomorrow. Hope you stop by. ;)

WOW! And that was a great price too. Around here I've heard as much as $16.oo a basket.

They look so pretty. Good for you!

Wendi said...

Those look yummy! I am still kicking myself for not bringing home some of those great SC peaches. They were wonderful!

Katie said...

Canning is a new thing for our family ~ and my hubby just learned how to do it for fun! He's going to teach me! :-) Those peaches look wonderful.