Thursday, August 26, 2010

Requesting Your Input

Here's a few questions for your thoughtful consideration:

1. Any ideas for a new blog series? A series gives a bit more structure, rhyme and reason to my normally random style of blogging, so I'd love to do another one!

2. Do any of you have yummy crockpot breakfast recipes to share? I'd like to try some as the weather turns cooler. Wouldn't it be great to wake up to a hot breakfast all ready to eat? I've found a few to try, but would love more ideas if you have them! I'll be sure to post results once we try a few.

3. What do you use to clean hardwood floors? I'm especially interested in a cheap homemade cleaner.:-) I've been using  Murphy's Oil Soap but would like to have one less item to buy, if I can find something that does the trick. Via a quick Google search, I came across the idea of using vinegar in warm water. Does anyone have experience with that? My floors are old but I still do not want to ruin them. And besides, we're renters. The practicality and simplicity of using vinegar appeals to me since I already use that method for cleaning the linoleum.

Thanks for your input! I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas.


thehomespunheart said...

Hi Mary Ann -

We don't have hard wood floors - but the wood floors that are laminate and I initially had trouble cleaning them until I came across a homemade cleaner online. Now this is all I EVER use!!!

Take a spray bottle and pour in 1-2 Tbsp. baby shampoo. Fill with water and go to work!

Bevy said...

Well, here's a thought for a blog series...

Sounds like a lot of your readers/commenters liked what you had to say regarding your Fall post - yesterday. Myself included.

Why don't you dig a little deeper into each of the mentioned categories and include practical advice, decorating ideas, more photos, recipes,etc. that would really bring to life the things you've mentioned.

I know the list was initiated off of someone else's idea... but it's still a great base for a "Fall Series". I don't know... just a random thought.

I know I would love to benefit...

Anonymous said...

For blog series ideas how about your money saving ideas or crafts that you make for Christmas gifts? A challenge to see how little you can spend for a great gift?

Crockpot recipe series sound great. I always think I'm going to cook more with my crock pot and never get around to it. So I would enjoy that.

I rarely comment but I do enjoy your blog!