Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and time to track my progress on the weight loss/fitness/healthy lifestyle front.

I've not done well with staying away from the carbs so I'm adding them back into my diet in limited amounts. I'm focusing more on portion control and not getting so hungry that I over eat.

I'm still doing pretty well with drinking enough water. Some days I do better than others but overall, this is good..

A.Little.Old. Lady. That's what I feel like since I'm now running a lot more than walking as I've now reached week 6 in my 8 week program to getting started with running. My muscles are certainly getting a workout! I told Andy that even though this is difficult, I don't want to stop now because then I'd have to start all this over later. I've been aiming for running 5 times a week(which I have been able to do) and taking a break and walking instead on Mondays and Fridays.

Why am I not losing weight with all this exercise and watching what I eat?!?

I pulled out my old jeans to do some painting yesterday. I know they are a looser cut than my current jeans, but I don't ever remember them being quite this loose!

Plans for next week:
Continue on, trying not to be discouraged over the lack of weight loss.It would be easy to get off the wagon about now.

Weight Loss:
None again! I'm losing some inches here and there as some of my clothes fit a little looser now, so hopefully...

**This post is part of Weigh-in Wednesday.

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Kate said...

You are doing a great job! I think you might be gaining muscle, which will keep you from losing pounds right away. The fact that your clothes are fitting differently and that you've lost a few inches shows that you are on the right track!

I definitely understand the struggle when you don't have tangible evidence from the scale though. Keep at're doing wonderfully! :)