Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I took a few weeks off from serious menu planning. I had a plan, just in my mind and not down on paper. Having my plan on paper or online works better because I'm more apt to remember it! A menu plan makes my days so much easier and more scheduled.

I have a full refrigerator, pantry and freezer from recent shopping trips so it was easy to come up with a menu!

To do: mix baked oatmeal and refrigerate overnight
B-scrambled eggs, toast
L-All-Day Church Event: Lunch provided.
D-green salad, cottage cheese, apple slices

To do: soak beans overnight, remove quiche from freezer
B-baked oatmeal, grapefruit
L-tuna melts, carrot sticks
D-eat at meeting

B-baked oatmeal leftovers, fruit smoothie
L-spinach quiche**
D-pinto beans, cornbread, salad

B-baked oatmeal leftovers, apple slices
D-turketti (A new recipe. How could I refuse such a fun name?), steamed mixed veggies


B-scrambled eggs, toast
D-pepperoni pizza, salad

B-chocolate-zucchini bread**, fruit smoothies
D-Israeli Spice Chicken, steamed green beans, brown rice**

To do:make food for Sunday's fellowship
B-cheese grits
D-pancakes, scrambled eggs

**denotes ready-to-eat from the freezer
For more menu planning fun, please visit Organizing Junkie!

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gail said...

i notice you have a couple meals where you aren't serving meat. how does your hubby handle this? i would like to do this but need some ideas how to get my meat and potato husband on board. any ideas? great menu