Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

We had a nice Valentine's day. My husband took me to downtown Salisbury, NC to spend the day poking around. We spent approximately 6 hours in a 3 block radius just checking out bookstores, thrift shops and antique stores. We didn't buy a whole lot but enjoyed the time spent together. This is an activity that we enjoyed often when we were dating, but has kind of gone by the wayside since the wedding. I admit that at first I didn't want to go away on Saturday. All of last week, it seemed that I just kept falling further and further behind in my tasks and things I needed to do. I thought I needed to spend a day at home working and catching up. (I'm a really fun wife, aren't I?!?) But I am glad I went. It was refreshing to spend a day with no schedule.

Before we left, I made heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and served them with strawberries.(Forgot to take pictures.) Yum! In the evening, Andy took me to Olive Garden. We had part of a gift card, a coupon and some gift money to use, so we came out pretty good. They were crazily busy but a meal there is always worth the wait!. Our waiter sang us an Italian love song. Turns out he sings opera. It was beautiful!

I had planned to cook a nice steak dinner for us at home for Valentine's day. Since we went out, I moved the meal to one night this week. It will be just as special then. After all, Valentine's isn't the only day to do special things!

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Wendi said...

You sound alot like me. I will fret about going somewhere and then have a great time. I haven't been to O.G. in a long time. I agree it is always a good meal.

Have a great day!