Friday, March 08, 2019

February/March Goals

It's March already! How did that happen?

Time to review my February goals and set new ones for March.

These are the goals I set for February: 

1. Set up Baby Girl's nursery. We moved furniture around and got her moved in. She's doing great in her own room. We gave the full size bed to some friends as we no longer had room for it. There is still more work to be done. I have another large piece of furniture in there that I think will be better elsewhere. I still want to paint, get curtains for this space and put decorations on the wall. I knew this would be a longer-than-one-month project but it is coming together and we're very pleased with the progress so far!

2. Make several freezer meals. I met this goal! And am working on having a dedicated Kitchen Day each week to not only make freezer meals but work on food prep for that week. Even doing a few things ahead helps so much!

3. Continue to work on being a good steward of my grocery budget. As I mentioned last month, we trimmed our grocery budget to make more room for buying formula. This is a short-term sacrifice and one we are happy to make! Plus I love a good challenge! We stayed within budget for February due to some better planning on my part and an unexpected grocery blessing. I've been able to even find a few extras each week to stock our freezer and pantry. March is off to a good start as well!

4. Continue to implement good homemaking habits. I feel like I haven't kept up with this quite as well as I did in January. Some habits are sticking; some need more work! 

And here are my March goals:

1. Continue working on Baby Girl's nursery. We were given a baby shower last weekend which was so wonderful and sweet. We received many very nice and useful gifts! I need to find space for some of these things.

2. Start making garden plans. I hope to actually pull off a small garden this year. Our neighbor has offered to till my garden plot for me. I just need to clean it out and start making some plans.

3. Sell a few items we no longer need. Turning the guest room into a nursery has left me with some piles of things that we no longer have room or need for. A few of these items have resale value so I am going to work on selling them this month.

4. Declutter a few minutes each day. I'm starting with the most visible areas and working my way through the house.

5. Continue to implement homemaking habits. This is an ongoing habit for the year!

What goals do you have for March? 


Denise said...

I have been working on some similar goals regarding food budget and housekeeping. I want to clear out things we no longer use, it's amazing how large a house becomes when it is decluttered.

My granddaughter comes several times a week, it is wonderful to have a clean house and quick and easy food to prepare, it allows me to spend more time bonding with her......thank you for your posts, they are very inspiring.

Keri said...

We are going to be starting plants from seeds this weekend. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, melons and various herbs. Hubby has been fertilizing the garden area with the manure and straw from the chicken coop. Fruit trees and berry bushes were pruned last month. He has more berry bushes coming next month, so he will be cutting a few trees to be able to expand the fenced in area to keep the animals out. Deer will chew them right down to the ground otherwise. We are using leaves and grass as well for fertilizer, but we are using lime, sulphur and magnesium sulfate to balance the PH and help the plants use the nutrients in the soil. We got over 100 quarts of blueberries last year. Beats buying rhem at the market, we froze a lot.