Friday, July 07, 2017

Done With Chemo!

We are done with chemo!

Andy went through three 3 week cycles of chemo. The doctor wanted him to do a full 4th cycle but due to a bad cough that could be caused by one of the drugs, they decided to do only one week of the 4th cycle. Even though all tests for toxicity to one of the chemo drugs came back negative (Praise God!), the oncologist wanted to take precaution and eliminate that particular drug from his regime. 

The first week of each cycle is five straight days of 7 hours of chemo each day. By the end of the week, you can imagine how worn out a chemo patient would be! 

This "heavy week" is what Andy's last week of chemo was and by Friday, he was exhausted and not feeling very well. We were pumped that it was his last day though! 

Unfortunately, he began feeling quite ill in the afternoon and by evening was running a fever and throwing up. Because he couldn't even keep meds down and a fever with chemo often indicates an infection, the doctor put in an order for him to be admitted to the hospital overnight for observation. 

I was so glad we didn't have to sit in the ER waiting to be seen. Within 30 minutes of talking to the doctor on the phone, Andy was being settled in the hospital room! His fever was higher by this time so they gave him meds to reduce fever and got him started on IV fluids to combat dehydration. 

Andy ended up staying at the hospital for 3 nights and was discharged Monday morning. By this time, he was keeping bland foods down and able to get enough fluids. His blood tests looked a lot better too. He was treated for a mild UTI but the doctor was unsure he actually had one. 

So now he's home recuperating and getting better each day. 

He has CT scans scheduled for next week to see the results of the chemo. He has an appointment with the oncologist toward the end of the month to discuss the results of the scan.  We are hoping for a good report! 

Thank you for all your prayers!


Rhonda said...

I so glad the chemo is over. That was rough!
I'll be praying for Andy's total healing.

meme said...

Hi Mary Ann - I am so happy to hear your husband finished his chemo - I so understand about the sickness from it (my husband is a stage 4 cancer survivor and had the same chemo plan as your husband). Your husband is in my thoughts and prayers.... - my husband Paul goes for a "scope" of his throat on august 4th. (his cancer was in the tonsils and lymph node).

Please keep us posted - I think of you often.


Laura Lane said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes, Mary Ann. I'm going through chemo for breast cancer. I've had 3 treatments. 1 every 3 weeks. My chemo isn't nearly as bad as your love's. Just about 5 hours. Here I am feeling sorry for myself for feeling sick. Your husband really has been sick. I needed the shock of knowing that it could be much worse. I pray that God will heal your husband completely! In Jesus Name, and by the power of the blood of Jesus! Amen.

Hugs to you!
Hypoallergenic hugs without germs!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
who needs to put on her big girl panties
and hush her fussin'!