Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Frugal Five

Five ways I've saved money recently...
Today's packed meal: salmon cakes, leftover broccoli, mayo, applesauce, fresh veggies and  banana nut muffins.

  1. Packed lunches (and a few suppers) for those times when we were not at home to eat. While we do eat out and run through the drive-thru occasionally, we save money and eat much better when we eat food from home!
  2. Mended some clothes and shortened some thrifted jeans. I use this method for hemming jeans; it's easy and keeps the original hem. I'm not short but pants are almost always too long for me.
  3. Made chicken broth after roasting a chicken. I look at this as almost free broth since I could just throw the bones away. Much healthier and less expensive than the canned broth from the store.
  4. Requested a couple of books from the library. I love the library. Not only do I save money by getting books there but it keeps me from having to store all the books I read.
  5. Gave myself a haircut. This is the second time I've cut my own hair. I got braver this time and cut some bangs. Not perfect but I think it looks ok and it is definitely frugal!
How have you saved money recently? Please share in the comments so we can all be encouraged and inspired in our frugal journeys!

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Abbie Byers said...

You are brave to cut your own hair! I have been cutting Jamie's hair with clippers since we have been married and it's very easy. I have also cut the girls hair and trimmed my bangs.
Hope you guys are doing well. Tell your photographer I said hello :)