Friday, June 14, 2013

Hand Me Downs

A friend gave me a bag of hand-me-down clothes today. I was super excited to find five pieces that fit and were things I can use!

The little white shirt/jacket looks like it will be fun to accessorize and layer over other pieces with skirts or jeans.

It was like Christmas!

As adults, we don't go through clothing like growing children do so we've found we just don't need as many articles of clothing! We don't get that many hand-me-downs, but when we do, I'm always happy to look through to see if there's anything we can use and then pass the rest along.

On the flip side, we love giving our extra clothes away as well if we know someone who can use them. I prefer giving them to someone before donating to a thrift store if possible. Freecycle is also a good option. As of course, yard sales!

Do you enjoy hand-me-downs?


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got some really cute things there. So fun! :)

Tori said...

I love hand-me-downs, just wish I had someone to hand me down! :0)

Melanie said...

Katie and I love it when someone gives us hand-me-downs. Yep, it's like Christmas! So happy for you!