Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Frugal Five

 Five frugal things from this past week:

1. Emptied the change from cash envelopes at the end of the month and deposited the money (around $5)  into our "Couch Fund". Which is now our "10th Anniversary Fund" since we already bought a couch!

2. Mended some pants.

3. Combined some errands to save time and gasoline. This is difficult because of the way our town is laid out. Many times I'm not sure we're actually saving much! But we do try.

4. On my way home from Sam's Club one day, I stopped at Chipotle to pick up lunch to take home. Instead of purchasing two separate entrees, I ordered one for us to share. The amount of food was plenty for the two of us and saved me around $7!

5. Went to the library. I went to the library's website and placed holds on the books I wanted a couple of days before hand and they were ready to pick up when we got there. Like online shopping for free! Also a sanity saver with toddler in tow.The little ones have been loving having a new stack of library books to read every couple of weeks. Toddler Girl (almost 3) calls them 'berry' (library) books. Currently, we're working our way through the Llama, Llama books as well as including some classics and a few board books each time.

What have you done to save money this week?


Wendi said...

Llama Llama books are great! We have several.

This week:

*I took take out ketchup packets and emptied them into my ketchup bottle. I ended up with half a bottle of ketchup! Hmmm... maybe we have been having to much take out. :)

*Bought a decorative patch to fix a hole in Megan's jeans.

*Started a bag with ends of carrots and celery to use when making stock.

*Purchased night stands at a furniture outlet. I was able to purchase both for the price of one originally. Certainly a splurge for us!

*A clearance find + a coupon meant that I got a $150 winter coat for $24. Now Megan is ready for next year.

After this week I think my frugal five need to all be stayed home next week!

Georgene G. said...

You did great.

My list is here: