Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Bin Of Organizing Posts

The fresh start of January always gives me the urge to organize! Reading posts around the web about the very same thing confirms that I'm not the only one. And chances are that you too, are purging, decluttering and organizing your own homes this month!

In light of this, I've gathered a few of my favorite organizing posts to share with you today.

Organize or Declutter?
Tips For Organizing A Small Home
Kitchen Cabinet Clean-Up
How To Find Another Closet
Organizing Scrap Fabrics 
Organizing The Junk Drawer
Organizing The Pantry

And if you're struggling to get started, may I suggest that you pick one small area to begin? For example, a shelf or cabinet that's been bothering you. Gather a garbage bag for trash, a box or laundry basket for things that belong elsewhere and another box for items to give away. Set your timer for 15 minutes. In that time work quickly, doing what you can in that space. When time is up, stop. Put items  away that belong elsewhere. If the donate box is full, load in the car to drop off the next time you're out. Otherwise, set it out of the way. Commit to work 15 minutes on that area every day until it's done. Then choose another area and do the same thing. Before long, you'll be able to see a difference!


Bevy said...

Yes!! I've been working on this... I think, however, more is getting done in my head then in reality. Little ones have a way of coming first. But, yes...

It's that time of year and oh, does it ever feel good. ;)

gail said...

your links look good. i definitely have to check them out. yesterday i went thru my sock drawer and purses and got rid of several of each. feels good to declutter ...