Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal

What's happening in my home?

We were gone from Friday to Tuesday visiting friends and family. The main reason for our trip was to visit a close friend of ours who has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 34.  They have 3 young boys ages 7,5 and almost 4. His wife is expecting their 4th son in March. Due to some complications she's been experiencing, they may decide to deliver him early. Please pray for The Adams Family (no joke; that's their real name!). They have a positive outlook and certainly their hope is in Christ but they are going through so much right now!

We had a really nice visit with them. He and Andy as well as two other friends sang together as a Southern Gospel band 15 years around their college years some 15 years ago. All four of the guys were able to make it last weekend and they gave a concert last Saturday night. It was so good; no one could believe that it had been 13 years since they sang together.

After visiting them, we went on to Andy's parents since they were only 2 hours away from where we were in Georgia.  Andy's grandparents from Upstate NY  are spending the winter down here so it was a great opportunity to see them. Andy's great aunt also lives with his parents. It's always A Full House.

In case you haven't noticed, I appear to be trying to use as many TV show titles in this post as possible.  I can't help it!!! I'll try to stop now.

In my kitchen... Since we've been out of town, my kitchen has been pretty quiet. A crockpot of homemade chicken stock is simmering now. It smells so good! I made another jar of elderberry syrup before we left last weekend. It's a great immune booster and has been helping to keep us healthier. (I'll be sharing more about that soon!)   I'm coming down with a cold today so I've been taking elderberry syrup, echinacea, hot tea, and lots of water to hopefully get it out of my system. I'll probably drink some chicken broth later on, too.

In my marriage... An advantage of traveling is the extra time we get to talk. I always like that!

In my sewing room... I brought home some drapery hooks, rings and casing/tape from my in-laws. I really need to make curtains for the bedroom and living room. Heavier curtains/drapes would help our energy costs. Not sure what I'll come up with or how long it will take me! First, I need very affordable fabric!

Around the homestead... Lots of laundry. General cleaning needs to be done. Getting back on a schedule after our vacation.

In my "inner man"... Same stuff as last week!

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Valencia said...

I love your in my sewing room. That is such a great addition. Glad you guys had a great time.

Bevy said...

Cool!! What was the name of the Southeren Gospel Band, that Andy sang with?
That was good to hear you two got to talk alot while travelling.... I was thinking of & praying for you with your last post's remarks that had to do with your marriage. (Just curious: Did you read my post from yesterday?)

I'll be praying with along with you for these friends of yours. That is so sad - and all too familiar...