Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making My Home A Haven: Fun

I didn't get around to posting the last two days of the Making My Home A Haven week, so I'm doing it now.

Thursday's theme was fun.

I started out the day with making pumpkin smoothies and bagels for breakfast. I had a little canned pumpkin to use up so decided to try a new kind of smoothie! I added the pumpkin to a banana, plain yogurt, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, vanilla and honey. It was really good! I think I would add more honey next time.

After breakfast, I headed out for a walk with Rock. For a while, this was a regular part of my early mornings, but lately I'm having trouble getting it in. I love a nice brisk walk!

It was rainy so the boys and I stayed inside and finger painted, as well as our regular reading books and playing! I really felt very unmotivated to get things done around the house, though. I did a few routine tasks, but nothing major! I worked for a few minutes on the closet but got side-tracked.

During nap time, I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls to send with my husband to work the next day as part of my Inviting & Giving Day on Friday. My husband goes to work so early that I had to plan ahead and bake the rolls the day before so they'd be ready. My inspiration for the cinnamon rolls was that I had a big bowl of leftover frosting in the fridge to use!

In the evening, we were needing to run errands and do some shopping. I really did not feel like cooking, so we went out for dinner using a coupon. I guess eating out was our fun for the day!

Then we did our shopping. I finished shopping for our shoe boxes. This year, our Sunday Home Fellowship went together to pack the shoe boxes, so we all contributed the various items. We ended up packing 8 shoe boxes.

Andy needed a few extra things for his new business venture, so we got those and came on home.

Not a horribly productive day, but a good day nonetheless!

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Manuela said...

Sounds like a good day to me! I've found that pumpkin puree is good in so many things I'd never think of using it in! I'll have to try it in my smoothie.