Friday, July 22, 2005

Welcome to Mary Ann's house!

Welcome to my little home on the web. Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I have always enjoyed writing(except when I had to do it for an assignment:-) and this blog will provide an outlet for any thoughts I just have to share.
I have been married to my sweet husband almost one year now.So, yes, we are still honeymoooners.:-) We don't have any children at present, although 2 weeks ago we had 2 adorable little kittens. We were starting to get used to "being parents" when they decided to leave home and find their own way in life. So we are now bereaved parents.:-)
I can't guarantee anything in the way of blog topics....who knows what I'll be thinking of next? But you can expect recipes, links to my favorite sites, general musings about life in general, and inspiration from God's Word.
Again... welcome to my house. I am so excited you are here!


Cheryl said...

Cool, Mary Ann! You've really come a long way in the "techy-geeky" department! Andy must be rubbing off on you! LOL I look forward to your postings. And, hmmmm, you have a birthday coming up, don't you??? ;-)

DeafMummy said...

Hey Mary ann!! Welcome to the blogging world.
I am glad that you finally joined, and will be looing forward to what you have to say.

Yes, cheryl, her brithday is coming up. *coughs*