Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Year's Handmade Christmas Gifts

Now that family members have all opened their Christmas gifts from us, I can share some of the gifts here! I didn't make as many of my gifts this year but still did manage to come up with a few.

I really like making gifts. It's part of who I am. And if I don't make gifts, I still enjoy picking out and creatively putting things together to create a fun gift! I think it's safe to say that gift giving (and receiving) is probably my main love language.

A few of the gift mixes.

For the ladies-moms and sisters:
For my sister:
  • 2 bags freshly ground whole wheat flour-- Using my grain mill and wheat I have on hand. She bakes a lot for her family and doesn't have a grain mill so a practical and appreciated gift!

For grandparents and great-aunt: 

For my youngest niece: 
  • Felt food-- a doughnut, cupcake, cinnamon roll and a chocolate chip cookie. Making small objects out of felt is very addicting. It's unbelievable how much fun I had with this! These fit perfectly stacked in a small oatmeal container covered with scrapbook paper. My niece (2 1/2 years) loved the food and these fit perfectly on the plates of her new tin tea set which was a gift from her grandparents!
Wrapping ideas: 
Did you give or receive any handmade gifts this year?


Rhonda said...

glad you shared your things, I am looking for ideas for gifts in 2012 and of course for Christmas 2012.

tea said...

Neat gifts, Mary Ann! I love that you made your own flour! I'd like to try that someday.

I made a few things for Christmas.. 2 tulle flowers for my nieces ballet costume, apron for my mom, round flower hairclips for my sister to give away and a few for some girls I know.

It is fun to make some gifts!

Katie said...

Darling and thoughtful gifts!!!

Last year, I purchased a bunch of felt in hopes to make some felt food, but it didn't happen. We'll see what this year brings! :)

Kathryn D. Duke said...

well, since I am the crafty/home ecie one in the family, I made some gifts...would LOVE to receive some...
1. pajama eaters for the great nephews
2.matching cosmetic bag & glasses case for my sister
3. soup in a jar for friends

I would love to have been on our list for receiving freshly ground grain...was just saying to my friend yesterday that I wanted to grind some and where is she getting her grain now...she has an electric grinder...I , like you, have a hand mille