Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recycled Gift Wrap

 One of the 'batches' of gifts we wrapped this year.

One of my goals for gift wrapping this year was to use recycled items instead of purchasing new wrapping paper as I wrote about here.

We saved paper bags all year-both white and brown- and also reused some colorful tissue paper I'd received in a gift.

Gift tags so far have been old Christmas cards, either used whole or cut up to make smaller tags. I've used bits and pieces of ribbon as well as some yarn and string for tying.

I usually wrap our gifts in 'batches' by families, events or which package I'm mailing. Keeps things organized and helps me to not forget someone! Some batches have turned out prettier than others, based mainly on the time I've had to invest in each one and also the shapes of gifts I'm wrapping! The batch pictured above was my favorite so far, especially the fruit printed bag I kept from a boutique purchase earlier in the year--so cute!

Using recycled gift wrappings is not only a frugal choice but a practical one as well.

And wrapping gifts this way provides a creative outlet that I enjoy!

**Bits of wrapping paper, bows, cards and tissue paper make great collage supplies for the little ones so be sure and save a few things from the trash can during this season of gift-giving! And those picture frame cards can be used for  projects such as this one. **

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Abbie Byers said...

very cute...I love they way it is all color coordinated too!