Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Christmas Stuff With The Kids

 Painting with Christmas Bows--Always a hit with the toddler crowd!
 Christmas Tree Brownies-- This was fun to do with Toddler Girl (20 months) and Big Brother (6 years).  We baked them together in the morning, I cut them into triangle shapes and inserted the candy cane "trunks" during nap time and Big Brother decorated them while my hands were full of babies. We all sampled our treats and then divided them up to share with each family. For ease and to maintain a comfortable level of personal sanity, a brownie mix, tube of green frosting and whatever sprinkles I had on hand were used. A big hit!
These snowman handprint ornaments were gifts to the parents this year. These are not my original idea but I always think they are super cute every time I see them! 

All you need are plain ornaments, white acrylic paint and black and orange fine tip Sharpie markers. Oh, and little hands to print!

Paint hand with white paint. Place ball ornament in hand so that bottom of ornament is in the palm. Press painted hand up against the ornament and remove quickly before fingers wiggle. :-)

Let dry. I found placing them upside down on baby food jars worked great! Draw details on fingers with markers. 

When done, the hand print will look like a snowman family of five standing in the snow. 

FYI-- This is a whole lot easier to do with older kids who can keep their fingers still than babies! Just saying... As you can see from the picture some of the snowmen were rather crowded together which I didn't mind since it shows their personalities and ages! This reindeer ornament would be easier to do with little ones! 

I hope you all are having a fun Christmas week!

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Katie said...

What darling ideas, Mary Ann. I'm sure the parents appreciate all of your thoughtful and educational crafts!! I know I would be tickled to have such care for my own.

Blessings to you and the littles you care for! Hope you are having a good week.