Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lunch Is In The Freezer!

From left to right: Pizza Pockets, Bean Burritos, Savory Hand Pies

From about 2 hours of work, my freezer now holds 11 pizza pockets, 10 bean burritos and 15 savory hand pies. I'm freezing all of these flat on cookie sheets and then will transfer them to freezer bags. A crock pot of chili is also waiting to be frozen in meal sized portions.

The savory hand pies were a new recipe from Southern Living magazine.  I ended up with 21 very small pies. They are so cute! We wanted to try them so we baked a few for lunch. They are delicious! So yummy! They reminded us of chicken pot pie. Yum! I recommend making these. Especially if you have leftovers from a meat and mashed potato dinner. I planned to make mashed potatoes for supper last night just so I'd have some mashed potatoes on hand for this recipe.These would be good with almost any kind of meat and veggie combo. The mashed potatoes and cream cheese added a nice creamy texture. I will probably make them bigger next time, though!

I must say how much I enjoyed working with store-bought pie dough! So much easier and less time-consuming than making my own. This may be the first time that I've purchased pie crusts. Can you believe it?

So far, this weekly small freezer cooking plan is working out really well for me! 

I'll be taking a break from freezer cooking next week because of other plans but will be back the next week doing a few main dishes and meats. Hope you'll join me then!

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