Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dollar Store Birthday Gift

Needing a gift for a 6 year old Toy Story fanatic, I popped into Target to see if they would have anything to fit in my $5 budget.

They did not, which I was not surprised about, so I quickly drove down the street to The Dollar Tree.

It took a little searching through the whole store, but I was able to find a number of Toy Story themed items and narrowed down my selection to a 2 set pack of War and Go Fish! games, a puzzle, and a set of stamps.

Four dollars plus tax bought all three gift items plus a little basket to double as gift wrap and part of the gift.

Another point for the dollar store!

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Ann Minard said...

You rock, this is an awesome gift, I am very inspired : ) I love how God blesses our desire to bless others while blessing our husbands at the same time. Lots of blessings : )