Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cleaning Candle Holders

Cleaning candle holders and jars has always been a bit frustrating to me. Sometimes I would have success and the next time not so much. Plus I could never remember how I did it the last time.

A huge advantage to blogging one's daily life is having most of your tips, tricks and recipes in one spot. You have no idea how often I search my own blog to see how something is done! This blog is a great resource to me. :-)

Last spring I posed this question to my readers: How do you clean your candle holders?
I must say that sounds a bit like something Elmo might ask his friends.

I got a number of great responses. Most were in agreement that either freezing the candles or sticking them in the oven or applying heat in some fashion would do the trick.

It sounded so easy and I was so grateful for their help. However, I didn't follow through with the advice. I let the candle jars pile up and even threw a few out. Gasp!

I don't procrastinate. Oh no. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Last night I was getting ready to pitch the lidded jar in the picture. Then I realized it would be really cute repurposed and filled with something. Maybe for a gift?

So I dug up this post, reread the advice and threw all three jars I had saved into the freezer. This morning, I pulled them out while I was cooking breakfast. I used a dinner knife to loosen the wax and two of them came completely clean! I was baking a pan of baked oatmeal so as soon as that was done, I turned the oven off and set the remaining jar in the oven for a few minutes. (Set candle holders and jars on a baking pan.) The wax melted and came right out.

I think I did a little dance. 

During breakfast, I told my husband about my great success. He was happy for me. His response, "I wondered why they were in the freezer."
I  scrubbed the remaining wax residue out in a sink of hot soapy water and voila! Shiny new-looking candle holders. Don't they look great?

If I was really ambitious, I would have kept the wax to melt down and pour some new candles. But I'm not.

Besides,who knows how long would it take me to get around to that!


Wendi said...

My hubby has wondered the same thing about candles in the freezer.

DarcyLee said...

My family has learned that they may find things in strange places in our house at any given time. They don't ask much anymore. I love these ideas. I just threw out a candle and it's holder because I didn't want to deal with it. And, yes, I've used my blog as a resource, too!

Mary Ann said...

Yeah, most of the time my husband doesn't even ask. He figures there must be a reason for what I do. Glad this post was helpful to you!