Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

I first saw the 10 on the 10th posts over at Carrie's blog. I thought it was a fun idea so I'm joining in this month!

My theme for today is commonly loved foods that I really don't care all that much about.

I am not a picky eater. I will eat just about anything. I will try almost everything. The one food I do not like at all is brussel sprouts. I don't think I'm alone in this. Nevertheless, I try a brussel sprout every so often to see if maybe I will stop hating them. I haven't.

The rule in our home growing up was that we did not have to eat anything we didn't like. But. We didn't get anything else as a substitute, either.  Mom was not about to become a short order cook, fixing this for one person and that for the other. Fortunately, we were all pretty good eaters. Although I was definitely the least picky of all three of us.

So my brother and sister didn't eat broccoli or spinach or zucchini, like normal kids. I ate pretty much everything.

But on occasion, I would decide I didn't want to eat something. Split pea soup. An egg sandwich. Something random that I decided that day I was NOT going to eat.

And Mom would always make me eat it. In fact, I learned to willingly eat split pea soup as a very little girl because I discovered that it tasted so much better fresh and hot vs. cold and congealed. Ewwww! I still shudder to think about it. 

So I always wondered why the rule didn't apply to me? Why was I made to eat something I didn't want to when the rule clearly stated that I didn't have to? It took me quite a few years to figure that out. In the meantime, life  was so unfair! :-)

Now I realize that I was refusing food out of stubbornness and maybe even anger at times rather than because I didn't like it. And Mom knew it and therefore, required me to eat the food. Fortunately, I outgrew this trait before I was too old. :-)

Anyways, this rambling story has a point. I think. I like most foods and will eat anything set before me.

Which brings me to my 10 on the 10th list. I know you're on the edge of your seat! These are the foods that are on my 'take it or leave it' list. I don't hate them. And I don't love them. And most of the time, if given a choice, I won't eat them.  But, if you invite me to your house, I will happily eat whatever you've prepared! Just so you know...

10 commonly loved foods that Mary Ann really isn't that crazy about...

1) corn
2) French fries: Curly fries are pretty good, though.
3) buttercream and decorator's icing. Waxy!!!
4) white chocolate
5) French toast
6) fried rice
7) cherry flavoring or any fake fruit flavoring, for that matter
8) pork bbq
9) sweet tea
10) jelly: Both my husband and I share this weird dislike. We do like apple butter and I like my mom's blackberry jam if for some weird reason, I have a hankering to eat jam on my toast!

I realize from this list that not only am I a Southern disgrace but also un-American! I mean, who doesn't eat fries? Oh yeah, that would be me. :-)

So tell me. Are there any foods that you don't like that it seems as though everyone else loves?  Or am I just weird ?!?

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Melissa said...

Oh I wish I didn't like french fries or buttercream icing...

I don't like french toast or fried rice either...because they have eggs in it...icky..

Wendi said...

I love eggs and toast but not french toast. I also refuse to eat any kind of sausage. I love the smell while I cook it, but can't even taste it. Yuck! at just the thought.

My daughter doesn't like french fries. On occasion she will eat one, but normally chooses fruit over fries. If only I would that!

Angie said...

I wish I could dislike the same things you do.....I could lose sooo much weight!!!

thehomespunheart said...

I love fried rice! And, rich buttercream frosting!! :) But, no dark food colors - that food coloring tastes yucky!

Ok, I don't like white chocolate either and am with you on the fake flavorings and pork bbq (I'm a western girl!)

My weird things are tomatoes - NO tomatoes for me, thank you very much. I can do smooth on pizza, but NO chunks! No okra and not a big fan of fish. Fun post ...

O Mom said...

Funny the stuff you don't like, adn good job on the keep trying brussel sprouts, one day you may love them. They're one of my favorites.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Very clever list, Mary Ann!

I'm not a picky eater, but I absolutely refuse to eat beets and eggplant. Blech. I like Brussel sprouts though.

The common foods I don't love (at all) are chocolate and ice cream. I've been called weird and unAmerican for that, but try as I might I just can't like them!

Glad you linked up! Nice to meet you!

Carpool Queen said...

You might get your southern card revoked for not liking corn, BBQ, and sweet tea -

Just sayin'...

Mary Ann said...

Carpool Queen,
haha... Yeah, I know. I'm from the West Coast and not a true Southerner. That's my excuse. :-)

Also, my corn bread (which I love) and sweet tea making abilities have been enough so far to keep me in good graces with the South.

Thanks for visiting!

Mary Ann said...


Yet somehow the weight stays on! I find plenty of other fatty foods to eat- like onion rings, cream cheese or chocolate frosting. Mmmmm...:-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I can only eat hard cooked eggs. No scrambled, fried, poached, etc. I also don't like chocolate ice cream, and this isn't food, but I think I'm in a real minority here: I hate coffee! I also don't like milk. And now that I'm thinking about it, I don't like shrimp - can't get beyond the texture.


Anonymous said...

I just think you haven't met the right buttercream icing or sweet tea.

Anonymous said...
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Mary Ann said...


Maybe not.:-)

I love mint iced tea but not the typical Southern tea. I wasn't raised in the South either!

As far as the buttercream icing goes, it's more the overwhelming sweetness. I love chocolate and cream cheese icing, but only in moderation. I can only handle so much of sweet or overly rich desserts.