Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

I've continued with counting calories this week. I got way off-track over the weekend. Otherwise, I did quite well. When eating at home and making the menu myself, I find it not that difficult to stay in my calorie range. Meals that consist of mainly meat/protein and veggies are the easiest way to stay "in or under budget", so to speak.:-) Carbs like pasta really add the calories. I was surprised!

Doing ok with this.

I'm not exercising as much as I would like. It's been difficult to get back into the groove! I have been walking with the kids or dog almost once a day, which is good. I want to get back into running, though.

Staying on track with food during the week and not sneaking brownies out of the freezer! I've also done really well with not snacking between meals.

Resisting little girls selling cookies and cupcakes at yard sales. They were so cute!!

Exercising will-power when eating with other people.

Plans for next week:
I'm hoping not to gain too much since I'll be gone to a women's retreat this weekend. I plan to stay on track as well as I can without obsessing.

No weight loss this week, probably due to my carb-heavy weekend!

**Thanks to Happy2B@Home's Kate and Joy for hosting Weigh-in Wednesdays!


Debbie J. said...

I think you are doing great!

I only walk if the weather's nice, so in spring around here, its feast or famine!

Good Job Mary Ann!

Jen said...

Good job! I'm joining in on weigh in wednesday. Keep up the good work.