Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back from the women's retreat. It was a sweet time of fellowship with ladies from my church as well as meeting some other fabulous women.

I'm still sorting out my thoughts on all of it and have a number of pages of notes from the sessions. There was a lot of good teaching and I came home with so much that I can apply to my daily life.

As I process it all, I'll be back with more details about the weekend.

A bright spot in the weekend was getting to know Abbie, one of the ladies from our church and to find out that she is into using coupons and is also a fellow blogger! How cool is that!?!

My goal for today is getting through the mounds of laundry, putting things away, cleaning the kitchen, and making a general plan for the week.

See you later!

1 comment:

gail said...

how fun to meet another blogger. so glad you were able to go and get some good stuff out of it. so good to take time to reflect on what you heard. its laundry and clean up day for me too.