Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sandwich Ideas

One food that my husband really likes to eat is sandwiches. So lately, I've been trying to plan more sandwich-type meals into our menu plan. (It's only taken me 4 1/2 years to figure out that he would like to eat more sandwiches! Oh well...:-)

Lunch meat can be quite expensive. So I'm trying to think outside the (lunch)box and come up with a variety of sandwich ideas that are easier on the budget. I've also tried to keep my eyes open for good deals on lunch meat and buy at least one package a month since he likes it so much.

I recently came upon a really good deal on containers of lunch meat. After coupons and a mail-in rebate, each box cost just under $1. I was able to buy 4 packages and freeze them. We, especially my husband, have been enjoying the different varieties of meat on sandwiches.

There are so very many varieties of sandwiches to be made. With a little creativity, we can come up with all sorts of yummy combinations.

Here's a list of sandwiches that we enjoy:

Hot Sandwiches:
-grilled cheese
-sloppy joes
-french bread pizzas
-meatball subs
-tuna melts
-hot dogs
-philly cheese steaks(I hardly ever make these at home, but we enjoy them occasionally at a restaurant.) This variation looks delicious!

Cold Sandwiches:
-turkey, bacon, guacamole
-bacon, lettuce and tomato
-egg salad
-tuna salad
-chicken salad
-veggie sandwiches with a dill cream cheese spread(I will admit that this is more my favorite than my husband's! A slice or two of lunch meat can make this a bit heartier for the men.)
-veggie wraps with cream cheese and olive spread
-any kind of lunch meat and cheese combo
-any kind of sub sandwich

What are your favorite sandwiches? Any yummy suggestions for me?

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mub said...

Your veggie sandwiches sound tasty to me too! I have a curry chicken salad recipe on my blog that I really like. It's a slightly different twist on the "regular" chicken salad.


The Happy Housewife said...

I love sandwiches, all kinds. I always tell my husband if I was single I would eat them for lunch and dinner. My two favorite would be tuna salad and club sandwich... but I usually eat PB because it is easy!

Kaycee said...

I eat a sandwich every day for lunch. Lately I've been experimenting with home made pita bread and chicken salad, it's a nice change.