Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dividing Financial Responsibilities

In the few years we've been married, I've done most of the financial stuff. Paying bills, keeping track of savings,and basically keeping us on track according to whatever my husband and I decided beforehand.

In our marriage, I am more detail-oriented and I have never minded doing this. We have always made financial decisions together, so even though I would take care of the nitty-gritty details, I've never felt as though it all fell on my shoulders.

Recently though,it's become more difficult for me to remember and keep track of everything. This has resulted in some big mistakes! Of course, I felt terrible about this.

We decided that my husband(at his suggestion) would take care of checking our online banking every few days and make sure that the checkbook matched up with that. I was happy to agree to that as the whole online thing is not my favorite, whereas he loves it!

We've been doing this for a month now. You would not believe the load that's lifted off my shoulders and the relief knowing that he is taking care of things.

I still take care of paying the bills, keeping a detailed spending plan and making sure that the correct funds are allotted to bills or our savings account. He keeps tabs on making sure everything is accounted for in the checking account.

Changing things up so that things move more smoothly and dividing up financial responsibilities works for me!

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Lines From The Vine said...

We've went through "seasons" of change like this too...what a great thing for you to share. I think it lifts a weight from women who think they always have to "do it all". : )

Wishing you well today!


Lisa said...

I can totally understand the weight lifted off of your shoulders. My husband and I have started recently going over our finances together and making decisions about the money whereas I always had the sole responsibility of doing this. It is so nice to be able to share it with some else.
Great post!