Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last week, I played the "How far can you stretch a hunk of beef?" game.

This week, I'm doing the same thing with chicken. I'll be roasting two chickens on Tuesday and then eating off of one most of the week. Most of the second chicken will be chopped up to freeze for easy prep later.

Without further adieu, here's what's cooking at Mary Ann's House this week:

B-leftover pancakes from Saturday night
L- I took an apple spinach salad and a homemade apple pie for lunch with our home fellowship.
D-Nachos while watching the Redskins game.

To do: Make pizza, thaw chickens, mix baked oatmeal for tomorrow.
L-leftover beefy veggie soup
D-Church leadership meeting. I'm making homemade pizza.

To do: prepare chicken and veggies for tonight, debone chicken and measure into freezing containers.
B-baked oatmeal
L-leftover pizza or soup
D- roast chicken, potatoes and carrots; salad

To do: Make biscuits for tonight plus extra batch to freeze, cook chicken bones for broth.
B-baked oatmeal
D-chicken a la king( a new Taste of Home recipe but substituting chicken for the turkey in the original recipe), fresh biscuits, salad

To do: Divide broth into portions to freeze and use the rest of week, make a batch of rolls.
B-eggs, leftover biscuits, fruit
D-chicken salad on wheat rolls, cut-up veggies, fresh fruit

To do: Bake a batch of muffins or quick bread, thaw beans for chili, write menu for next week.
B-fruit and yogurt smoothies, peanut butter toast
D-white bean chicken chili with cheese and sour cream, tortilla chips, salad

To do: Prepare food for Sunday.
B-cottage cheese, fruit, toast
D-?? leftovers or something quick since we're going away in the evening

For more menu inspiration, please visit Organizing Junkie!


gail said...

i like your ideas of doing chicken for a week and beef for a week. let me know if you or hubbie get tired of the sameness??

i HAVE to try that baked oatmeal!!!

Mary Ann said...
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Mary Ann said...

No, we don't get tired of the same meat after eating it for several days. I'm always cooking something different with it.

Plus, I don't do this with meat very single week, either.

Let me know if you try the baked oatmeal. We love it. ( I have a pan in the oven as we speak.Mmmmm!)