Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday

We set out to go to a bunch of yard sales this past Saturday. We hadn't been for a while so it was really fun!

I found a nice selection of fun things to bring home. One of the first sales we went to was a moving sale where the prices were amazing! I got the village(17 pieces) pictured above (The Cat's Meow) for $1. It looks really cute on the mantle!

Other fun finds-
2 baskets- 25 cents each
white summer shirt- 50 cents
black slides(for next summer)-$2
beautiful Tasha Tudor book-50 cents
Madeline book-25 cents
Veggie Tales coloring and sticker book(new)- 50 cents
large roaster with lid-50 cents
2 wooden puzzles(one Melissa & Doug) -$1 each
brand new box of favor boxes(100 count)- $1 (I'm sure I can find some cute ways to use these for tiny gifts!)
brand new box of 5 small spools of ribbon in pinks and browns-$1

Here in the South, yard sales continue on into November and a few in December or January. If you've been to yard sales recently, what fun things or great deals did you find?


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,
You bought some really nice things for such good prices, good for you! Sounds like you had a lot of fun too.

Arlene said...

I love those Melissa and Doug puzzles; my son (he's almost 20 mos) really enjoys them, too. I don't know if I'd ever pay full price for them, though; yard sales are the way to go!

Anonymous said...

I've been collecting Cats Meows for over 15 years! How lucky for you!

Matthew Cox said...

Little village at a screaming deal. Yard sales are tons of fun, just for this reason.

*carrie* said...

What deals! Thanks for showing your bargains. Garage sales here are pretty much over for the year.

Lines From The Vine said...

I love the village! Looks like you got some really great deals!