Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Natural Foods Store!

I love natural foods stores. And a nice large one just opened in my town! Yeah!

It's right by CVS, too. How convenient.:-)

Up until now I've been occasionally driving to another town 30 minutes away to find some of the harder-to-find natural foods that I use regularly. So I'm excited to have this store so close.

We visited the new store yesterday. It is very nice. I didn't buy anything on this visit but scoured the store looking at their selection and noting the prices.

The bulk section isn't as large as I had hoped but still they have most of the grains and legumes that I would normally buy. Prices are comparable to any health food/gourmet store, of course. (Read: expensive!)Many items are out of my price range but with buying grains/legumes, some produce and watching the sales and using coupons, I should be able to come out pretty well.

Some items I noticed that I will go back for(armed with coupons) are:

-Yogi teas, on sale 2/$5(I have coupons too for this. I love the Breathe Deep tea for asthma attacks.)

-Muir Glen tomato products ranging in price from $.89 to around the $2 range.($1/1 coupons) This was regular prices; cheaper than the regular grocery stores here!

-Cascadian Farms frozen veggies on sale for $1.79.($1/1 coupons)

-Local peaches for $.79 a pound

I'm doing my grocery shopping this week so I'm hoping to take advantage of some of these Grand Opening specials!

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