Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toddler Activity: Sticky Collage

This is one of my favorite toddler activities ever!

All that is needed is contact paper and collage materials--anything that will stick well to the contact paper. No glue or tape needed so it's super easy for toddlers to do independently once you get it all set up for them.

Of course, no matter how independent, supervision is always advised for toddlers. Or teenagers. But teenagers will probably not be as interested in creating a sticky collage!


Tape a large piece of contact paper to the door, table, the wall or even the floor and let your little ones go to town sticking collage materials to it.

I usually use clear contact paper but any kind can be used. Clear is good if you want to carefully cover the front of the collage when it's completed.

In my years of working with toddlers, I've done many variations on this activity. This can be done with many themes or colors of collage materials and the contact paper can be cut in different shapes-- rectangles, hearts, trees, wreaths, zoo animals...

Very fun!

**For the collage on this day, we started with pieces of scrap fabric but most of them didn't stick as well to this paper, causing some frustration of the part of the toddler. So I filled a small muffin pan with small pieces of tissue paper and construction paper and this worked much better for her!**

**On a funny note: I had to stop her several times from taking the tray of fabric scraps to the trash can. She kept picking it up and saying, "Mess. Trash!" **

Lord help me!

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