Thursday, March 01, 2012

What's For Lunch? Meatza!

It's been nearly a year since we started on a serious diet change which eliminated most grains, especially wheat, starches, sugar and processed foods.  It's been almost that long since we've had homemade pizza. Which is something we ate a couple times per month previously.

We still do eat pizza and some other carbs occasionally but that is typically when dining in the company of other people.

We've made adjustments to a lot of sandwich and bread type meals and haven't looked back. Want  a burger? Eat it bunless! Want a sandwich? Try a lettuce wrap! Or eat deli meats and cheeses plain without the bread. Sloppy joes are delicious on rice with lots of toppings. Taco meat and fixings can be made into a salad forgoing the tortillas and taco shells.

But pizza... it just isn't the same to eat the toppings without the crust. And wouldn't that be sort of like soup?

So I was we were excited when I ran across this recipe idea for Meatza, a pizza with a meat crust!

This was the first time trying it out. I didn't have bacon on hand so left that out. I added Italian seasoning and some onion powder to the meat/egg mixture and topped our Meatza with green peppers and green olives.

Can you say, "Delicious!" It was awesome. And I'm quite impressed that it did indeed look like a pizza coming out of the oven and the meat crust held its shape when cutting and serving.

Like. Like. Like.

We are Meatza fans!

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Melissa said...

This looks delish! We are going to try this...SOON!