Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Is Coming: Homemade Watercolors and Story CDs

Homemade watercolor paints are a quick and inexpensive gift for a young child.  I packaged these in recycled baby food jars with black spray-painted lids. Another reason to keep black spray paint around!

The story CD that we gave to my nephew for his birthday this year was such a  big hit with he and his little sister that we made each of them another CD for Christmas this year.

They were thrilled with new CD's and their parents are probably happy with something new to listen to! 

We tried something new to these and added soft music in the background. And I must say, my voice is rather soothing. :-)

While making a CD does take a little time, the costs are very minimal since we already have blank CD's on hand and I read stories either from my stash or from the public library. 

This gift is especially nice if the children you are giving them to do not live close by!

In my experience, small children are the easiest group to make gifts for! What are your homemade or consumable gift ideas for the young ones in your life?

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