Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Is Coming: DIY Craft Kit

Our 9 year old niece loves arts and crafts. Ever since she was very young, she's loved making things.

The girl can go through craft supplies! One Christmas she received a couple of bottles of glue from one family member and a big pack of paper from another. She was thrilled!

Two years ago, we gave her a little craft box that I filled with a bunch of supplies including some fun patterned felt and her own bottle of tacky glue, among other things which I can't remember  right now. The cardboard box I used was one that had a little handle on the side and I stamped fun words and shapes on the sides and top. This was a big hit!

She's starting to do some simple hand sewing on some of the crafts that I've seen her working on so I thought I'd make her a craft kit this year that included a simple sewing project.

I immediately thought of these fun flower pins and barrettes and knew she could probably do these either by herself or with her mom or me. So I set out to make a little kit with all of the supplies ready for her to use.

To make this craft kit, I printed off instructions, pre-cut fabric circles from scraps of fabric and gathered all the supplies for each one which I assembled in individual sandwich bags. I then put everything together in a gallon-size bag. There are enough supplies to make 4 flower barrettes.

I didn't include a needle and thread or glue to attach the barrettes since I know her mom will have those items handy. 

My hope is that this will be a fun project for her to create and then share a couple of the finished products with her little sister or friends.

Cost for this project: $0 as I had everything on hand.
Time involved: about 20 minutes.

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