Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Mom Update!

I appreciate all of you leaving such sweet comments letting me know that you're praying for my mom! I don't have a lot of news since my last update except that they did move her to the rehab facility on Friday where she'll be for a week or two getting the therapy she needs.

She has been able to walk short distances with the use of a walker. She still has a feeding tube since she still is only able to eat a little without choking.

She had some tests this morning but I won't know the outcome until we talk to a family member sometime tonight.

Overall, it seems that she is making small and steady improvements towards recovery.

Thank you for your continued prayers. In addition to praying for her health and recovery, please pray for us as we make the decision as to whether or not and when I should fly to Oregon to visit and help with her. My mother-in-law wisely suggested that if I do go, it would be better to wait until she comes home so as to be of more practical help. The road from South Carolina to Oregon is a long one and it is hard to be so far away. I've struggled a little with "daughter guilt" especially when I heard that she would not be able to be home for Christmas.

Through the miracles of modern technology, we have been able to visit via Skype and while I am not there, it's been comforting to be able to see her face and note that other than what has been affected by the stroke, she is doing quite well and looks pretty good, too.

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