Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Chamomile Tea For Cramps

Just a warning to any male readers: This post is about "woman stuff". You may want to move along now! Shoo, shoo!


A number of years ago, I read in a magazine that drinking a cup of chamomile tea helps to relieve menstrual cramps

Even though I can't remember the name of the magazine, I've used this "remedy" ever since then and it really does help. Sometimes, it totally eliminates the need for Tylenol and other times not. But it certainly makes things a bit more bearable. If that is possible.

So with my cup of tea beside my laptop today, I thought, "That would be a great topic for a WFMW post!" 

Drinking chamomile tea once a month works for me. Maybe it will also work for you!

**This post is a part of Works For Me Wednesday


Debbie J said...

Wish I had known this tip earlier. :o) I have taken quite a bit of Ibuprophen in the past. I'm praising God that I don't have cramps any more! YAAY!

Denise said...

I'll have to give it a try. I love to take home remedies instead of medication whenever possible.

'Becca said...

I think any warm beverage helps, but chamomile is supposed to be relaxing, so maybe it's especially good at relaxing the cramping.

For me, switching from tampons to a menstrual cup helped a lot!