Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Home Manager Evaluation

 Whether we are stay-at-home wives or mothers or we work outside the home full-time, I think we would all agree that we are mainly in charge of the daily runnings of our homes. We are home managers.

Do you think of your role as home manager as you would a job? I do, for the most part. However, since I am on my own with many of the jobs and decisions, at times I can become quite lax and let a lot of things slide.Because of this, it's good to evaluate myself from time to time. Find out what I am doing well and what needs improvement.

I love being a homemaker and most days, I get out of bed excited about the general tasks and home keeping that will take place that day. To me, it is a most fulfilling role and one that I'm always looking to improve on in.

Mandi from Organizing Your Way posted on Evaluating Your Performance As A Home Manager yesterday. In her post, she included questions for self-evaluation.

Here is how I evaluated myself:

What are your strengths?
:: What things do you do well? Planning, cooking and baking, staying within my budget.
:: What are you most proud of? Living large in a small home. 
:: What comes easily for you? Cooking, meal planning, budgeting and frugal living.
:: Where have you seen the most improvement over the last year? Time management.


What are your weaknesses?
:: What tasks are the hardest for you to complete regularly? Cleaning, yard work.
:: What things do you always find yourself wishing you could do better? Cleaning, yard work, decorating
:: What things do you know your spouse wishes you would do more?  If I asked him, he's most likely to say "Plan more time for fun" and "Take more time for yourself".
:: What skills do you wish you had that you don’t?  The know-how to implement and complete DIY home improvement projects.


How is your attitude on the job?
:: Do you have a good attitude about the chores/activities you dislike? Not always!
:: How do you approach the tasks that don’t come easily for you? I tend to procrastinate.
:: Are you willing to ask for help to improve? Yes.
:: How do you treat the other people in your home? Hmmm...on a good day, pretty good. On a stressful day, not so good. I can be a bit mean-spirited.

Time Management

How do you spend your time at home each day?
:: What are your biggest time wasters? The computer.
:: What activities take you longer than they should? Sewing and craft projects. Cleaning. Decluttering.

:: What do you procrastinate on that you could get done very quickly if you just did it? Cleaning.

:: What activities are you neglecting?  Deep(er) cleaning. Some decluttering and organizational projects.

Through this little exercise, I see much room for improvement! It's also helpful to see what I do well too.

What about you? How would answer these questions? What are your strengths and weaknesses?


TJ said...

I think we are twins seperated at birth. :)

Mary Ann said...

LOL, TJ!!!