Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday and New Meal Rotation

I've finally taken the time to make my new fall and winter meal rotation. And guess what? I'll share it with you today!

Having a meal rotation really helps to simplify meal planning for me. Even though we eat very similar dishes from week to week and we most certainly have our favorites, I am a bit too creative of a cook to just make the same things over and over such as spaghetti on Monday, hamburgers on Tuesday, etc.

What I do instead is to give each day of the week a theme. This is for suppers. I have a meal rotation for breakfast too, but just make the same thing over and over. It's just easier that way! For lunches, we eat either leftovers or something quick and easy such as grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, quesadillas, etc.

Just because every day has a specific theme, doesn't mean that I don't change it up every so often. Sometimes, things just need to be used up or I need a faster meal on a certain day. Having the rotation makes for a better balance of meals, since I like to plan at least one meatless meal a week and then one meal where meat is the star instead a casserole. This really helps me to cook frugally as well.

Fall/Winter Meal Rotation


Monday-hot cereal


Wednesday-hot cereal


Friday-hot cereal

Saturday and Sunday- A variety of pancakes, muffins, baked goods, cold cereal, yogurt or cottage cheese, etc.


Sunday- Leftovers or salad or quick and easy

Monday-We are usually at a church meeting. If at home, Cook's Choice!

Tuesday-Skillet dish/casserole/stir fry


Thursday-Ethnic Night. This will include such themes as Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, maybe even Southern comfort foods or good home cooking from my Mennonite and Amish heritage.

Friday-Snack or fun foods. Think appetizers. I'd love to turn this into movie or game night as well. We'll see!

Saturday-Breakfast for supper.

So now that we have all of that down. let's move on to this week!

We were very busy this weekend as well as part of last week. I think we ate out 8 times in one week. That has to be a record for us! Some were just small things such as a McDonald's biscuit on the way to the game on Sunday, but we ate out nonetheless.

After a junk food filled weekend, we're ready for home cooked and healthy meals!

Sunday- restaurant

Monday-church meeting

Tuesday- Monterey Beans, brown rice, salad

Wednesday-Beefy-vegetable soup, toast

Thursday- Italian Night- Homemade pizza, salad

Friday-Loaded Tostados

Saturday- Pancakes, scrambled eggs

For more menu plan fun, visit the home of  Menu Plan Monday!

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Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one that does this. Ü

Right now, mine is just breakfasts as the other meals are determined by the weekly specials at our grocery store.

Sunday: cereal
Monday: muffins
Tuesday: breakfast burritos
Wed: waffles
Thursday: pancakes
Friday: French Toast
Saturday: boys' choice