Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Mom would make us egg-in-a-nests for breakfast when we were kids. It was always a special treat when we saw these on our plates.

Mom's were always cooked perfectly with the egg yolks runny like a "dip" for the toast.  I would always eat the outsides of the slice of bread first with the egg yolk, then eat the egg, saving the cut-out piece of toast for last. It was always my favorite and still is. It's bread, fried  in butter; what's not to love about that?

Most times, Mom would cut the hole for the "nest" with a cup. But on occasion, like for Valentine's Day, she was known to use a heart cookie cutter. I loved it!

Cracker Barrel calls this "Egg-In-A-Hole", I've seen it called "Egg-In-A-Basket". My mom always called it "Egg-In-A-Nest".

My husband had never heard of them before I came into his life and rescued him from his deprived state introduced him to the simple goodness of buttered and fried toast with an egg in the center. Now it's a favorite of his, too.

Egg-In-A-Nest is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. Yum!! And best of all, they're quick and easy to make. And did I mention they're also very, very cheep?



Butter both sides of bread. Using a cookie cutter or drinking glass, cut a hole in the middle.

Pan fry on medium heat and flip once for even cooking. You will want the bread to be at least lightly browned. Don't forget to fry the cut-out piece of bread alongside!

Serve hot!

Do you have a fond breakfast memory? Please share!


Bevy said...


I just made these this morning for us... Egg-in-a-nest!! This time I used Texas Toast - worked very nice!!

I love the heart-shape idea. And your hubby and mine must be 'related' with the whole "no-knowledge" of such fine eating. I must say that Scott asks for them now too, as they have quickly become a favorite.

That is too funny.

Debbie J said...

These are making me so hungry! I would love to make these for my sweeties.

I remember eating oatmeal with sugar sprinkled on top and a little milk poured over it. I also remember pancakes in shapes like a bear.

I hope my children will remember all the french toast I used to make for them. I would serve it to them on a tv tray in front of Saturday morning cartoons. In cold weather, I'd add hot chocolate. Also poptarts in a little wagon for my daughter.

Kathryn said...

Mmmmm...I think I'll have one for dinner tonight, maybe I can convince Knox that its yummy....another thing I love is Egg Gravy over toast. Must be a Mennonite thing, cause no one else knows anything about it!

Wendi said...

Two of my favorite things... toast and an egg over medium. Yum! I don't make it often, but when I do I am loving it!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my gosh, my husband and kids used to make this when they were little! We called it "Eggy Surprise" because you picked up the little cap of bread from the cutout to find the egg inside. I haven't had it in years. Thanks for bringing back a nice memory!

Arlene said...

My dad made this when we were growing up -- we called it One-Eyed Toast, lol! Our favorite part was poking out the "eye" (yolk) LOL! It is a yummy breakfast and still makes me smile when I make it. :)

Anonymous said...

My mom used to make us Egg-In-a-Cup. Softboiled eggs with torn up toast, mixed together and served in a mug. Still my favorite comfort food.

And when I pack my preschoolers lunch, I always use the heart or star shaped cutter for his sandwiches. Glad you still remember that, hope he will!

TJ said...

Enjoy your blog. I'll be following...TJ

Your Brother! said...

Ohhhh thoseeeee!!! They are sooo good. Remember that we used see who will be the last to eat the middle piece? Good ole days! :)