Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have You Turned Your Heat On Yet?

It's finally getting  a bit cooler here in the South. I do realize that our cold weather is nothing like that of my Northern friends!

You can always tell a thin-skinned Southerner. They talk about how very cold it is at 50 degrees. I had to laugh one year when a lady I worked with was certain that it was going to snow in October because the temperature had gotten down to 55 degrees. She was freezing!

Now I am cold-natured, so I really don't have much room to talk. However, I do know how to dress warmly and the layers come on if I am cold!

What I'm wondering today is: Have you turned your heat on yet?

We have not so far. In fact, we would like to hold off until November 1st if at all possible. The possibility of one more $5 gas bill for the year-what we pay through the summer when not using heat- is very appealing to us. At the same time, since we are not using the A/C right now, one would hope that bill would be lower as well. One would hope.

So far we're good. We've been wearing sweatshirts and long pants-not shorts- around the house. My slippers are extra cozy too! I threw an extra blanket on the bed last night and we were nice and warm. As the temperature drops, I'll be replacing our cotton sheets with the flannel ones.

But we are not too stubborn about this not turning on the heat idea. If it gets much cooler before November 1st, the heat will come on. We just know that here in the South the weather is very fickle! Cold one day and so warm we need A/C the next!

So what about you? Cold enough for you?

Feel free to also share your frugal and money-saving ideas for staying warm on a budget!

Edited to Add: We just turned the heat on tonight!  It's expected to get down in the 30's overnight so it would be really chilly in here come morning ! My husband was starting to feel cold so we knew it was cold as he is not cold-natured. haha


thehomespunheart said...

It just got into the 50's here yesterday! I love it! I had a sweatshirt on, piled on a quilt and drank a cup of hot tea. Heavenly for this CO girl transplanted to the south!

We did turn our heat on last night - but only because we have small children and especially Samuel who still sleeps without blankets in his bed!

Anonymous said...

We're into the 30's at night and the 40's in the day, so it's been necessary to keep the heat on (unfortunately). We're having unseasonal temps so early this year in New England.

Yes, the Southern folks make me chuckle - they are awfully sweet but they don't know what cold is!

Mary Ann said...

Yes, I like it a bit on the cooler side too! So cozy!

When I was doing childcare, I would always turn the heat on earlier so it wasn't too chilly for them. You definitely want to keep your little ones warm!

Mary Ann said...


Glad you're staying warm! It does seem a bit early for the cold weather I've been hearing about in different parts of the U.S.

Wendi said...

We had to turn the heat on about three weeks ago. At first it was just for the night, but this week it has been on all the time. It was only 35* when we left about 8:30 this morning. Brrr... I am not ready for this yet.

I have been piling on an extra blanket to try and keep the thermostat set at a lower temp. If only I could get Megan to stop kicking off her covers!

The good news is that it should warm up next week and get into the 60's during the day. Yeah!

Mary Ann said...



Debbie J said...

Its cooler than usual for this time of year I think here in the South! Our heat has come on for a few minutes "just to take the chill off" as I like to say. I used to be so cold natured like you, but my age has temporarily changed that. :o)

Mary Ann said...

Are you having your own personal 'tropical moments" as a lady my husband used to work with would say? LOL!!!

I just about caved in today and turned the heat on for a few minutes since it was just a bit nippy when we came home from church and I went to take a nap. Fortunately I was warm under the covers and now am still toasty warm in my flannel pj's,a sweatshirt and slippers. Yes, real fashionable!!!! A cup of hot tea also helped!

gail said...

we had a cold spell a few weeks ago and i turned on the heat for 30 min or so, but since then it decided to warm up again so the heat is off. living in apts we get heat from each side and the apts above us. plus the oven and dryer seem to heat us up too. in fact, the last couple days i've had to turn on the fan, as i was a bit too warm. i'm thinking we can not use the heat til nov 1st too.