Monday, September 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Another week. Another menu!

Last week's meal plan went well. I'm carrying over Breakfast-In-A-Hurry from Saturday night since we got FREE leftover pizza from Donato's at the show we were at that day. Can't beat FREE and their pizza is yummy!

A quick review of the new recipes I tried last week. There were several!
  • Orange Juice Millet: This was (I think) my first try with millet as  a hot cereal. The orange juice added a nice flavor. Without sweetener added, it was edible but not great. A little raw honey on top made a huge difference! Delicious! My husband really liked this, so I'll be making it again.  
  • Creamy Mac and Cheese: Very easy and wonderfully good! 
  • Sloppy Joes: This is NOT the first time I've made sloppy joes, but the first time I tried this recipe. Andy loves a classic sloppy joe sandwich. Instead of using 2 pounds of meat,  I used one (1.26 pound) package of ground beef and added a bag of cooked kidney beans to stretch the meat.  Yummy! We each had 2+ sandwiches and there's still enough for lunch for both of us today.
  • Wheat Rolls for Hamburger Buns: I decided to try my favorite recipe with a soaking step added in. Didn't turn out so great but still tasted good, just not what I had in mind! You can read more about "my buns" in this post. :-)
  • Bean Tostados: I had some corn tortillas to use up, so I used this idea for making tostados. Frying the tortillas gave them the consistency of a tortilla chip. After adding all the toppings, it was like eating a giant nacho! My nacho-loving husband was thrilled!!!! What a  great idea and corn tortillas are so cheap. I think this was our favorite recipe of the week. Definitely a winner!
Now to this week's menu!
** Our anniversary is this Friday and I wanted to cook a special dinner. I'm lacking in the creativity department at the moment. Any ideas? Please share in the comments!

B-banana-squash muffins, yogurt with blueberries
L-Potluck: I took a chicken-rice salad(a variation of beef-pilaf salad) and some cookies.
S-leftover rice salad

B-oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas
L-leftover sloppy joes
S-eat at church meeting

B-scrambled egg burritos
L-leftover rice salad
S-Monterrey beans and chicken over rice

B-leftover oatmeal from Monday
S-Garlic-butter spaghetti(my husband's specialty), steamed veggie

B-orange juice millet
S-Pork chops, homemade stove-top stuffing, steamed veggie

Friday: Our anniversary!
B- eggs in a nest, bacon
S-Special dinner: Not sure what yet, possibly something with shrimp? Feel free to share your suggestions!

Saturday: Yard Sale Day
B-cold cereal
S-Breakfast-in-a-hurry, fruit smoothies

**Visit Organizing Junkie to view lots more menu plans!


Kathryn said...

Shrimp Scampi! Definitely the best shrimp recipe I have. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

We are going to try a German Oktoberfest pizza (new Taste of Home mag) this week. I need to use some of the keilbasa that I bought on sale. I'm changing the recipe though, and will use thinly sliced potatoes instead of mashed and no sauerkraut.

Lea said...

Mary Ann,

I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! It's so much fun!!! I've loved reading it so far, and look forward to what's in store! :-)

Please let us know when you figure out the soaking step to your buns. I haven't read that far down, but have you tried the soaking (I'm assuming this is a la Sally Fallon?) with any of the bread recipes you gave me?

Mary Ann said...

Yes, the soaking I refer to is what Sally Fallon recommends. The only one of my old recipes(the ones I gave you) that I've tried the soaking step on is the wheat rolls/buns and as you've read, there's some more work to be done on that! I've successfully used another bread recipe that already had the soaking step added in and is 100% whole wheat. It is fabulous! I'll be sharing my progress in soaking grains here soon. I'm still learning!

I'm glad we've found each other.:-)
--Mary Ann