Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekly Grocery Trip

Here's the lowdown on my grocery shopping this week!

Earth Fare- $17.40
With using coupons and sales, the only items that were regular priced were the millet and wheat berries. I was pleased since a trip to the health food store can is often a death trap to my budget!
Contents of bags(in case you're wondering):  wheat berries , millet, rolled oats.

Harris Teeter-$8.26
Total before coupons was $39.90!

Harris Teeter still had triples going on through Tuesday this week so I took advantage of that while doing regular grocery shopping!

Harris Teeter highlights:
  • 2-Mahatma rice-FREE
  • 4-Reese's peanut butter cups-FREE
  • 3-Kotex -FREE
  • 3-Tabasco Sauce-FREE
  • 3-Yakisoba noodles-FREE(Probably will donate these!)
  • 1-Edge shaving gel-FREE
  • 1-Dannon plain yogurt-$.24(Big container!)
  • 2-Pringles-$.50 each(Yum! A treat.:-)
  • 2 Scrubbing Bubbles-$.74 each
Dairy: 1 gallon raw milk-$6.00

Total for the week: $31.66
Over my current weekly $25 budget by $6.66, but I've been under-budget for several weeks, so I had the money to spend!

We also got a 30 pound order of grass-fed beef this week which I don't count in my weekly grocery budget since I budget a specific amount each month for our beef orders. This order should last us for about 4 months.

Next week Harris Teeter is running Super Doubles where they double coupons from $1-$1.98. I can't wait!

**Thanks to Money Saving Mom for hosting Super Savings Saturday and to Southern Savers for hosting Friday Finals!


Kristin said...

Great job! I wish I had a HT!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks! I wish everyone lived in such a great couponing region as I do! I am very blessed!