Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

In keeping with my New Year's goals to drop a few pounds, I'm joining in with Weigh-In Wednesday over at Happy to be at Home. This will be a great motivator!

I'm not considered terribly overweight and I have a lot of people shocked at what size I wear since apparently, I don't look that big. I am a bit bigger boned, I guess. Over the past several years, I have put on about 30 extra pounds. So I really would like to get rid of that excess! My goal is not to be tiny-tiny, because well, I'm not. I just want to be a good weight for my height and build and take good care of my body so that I will be as healthy as possible. Especially as I'm now in my 30's!

Here's my progress this week:

I've cut out snacks and most carbs and am really focused on portion control. This week, I decided to not eat any breads, pastas, or rice and see if that helps any to jump-start the weight loss as the couple of weeks before, I had seriously cut back on carbs, still allowing myself to eat a few each day and no weight loss! I'm still eating lots of veggies and 1-2 pieces of fruit each day and focusing on cutting out "fast carbs" such as breads, etc. I've been eating a large salad with most lunches and dinners and keeping to only one helping of the main course. Low-carb dinners this week included: sausage, pepper and onion stir-fry; sausage, white bean and kale soup, acorn squash stuffed with chicken, apples and celery and rotisserie chicken with a salad. I'm planning day by day right now since I'm trying to be creative but still keep this cost-effective!

I'm trying to improve my water intake. I used to do really well but more recently have fallen away from drinking enough. What works best for me is to fill a quart jar with water and leave it out on the counter where I see it and am sure to drink it all and then keep refilling and drinking until I've reached my goal of 3 quarts a day.

I've been following an 8 week plan for running. On the days that I don't run, I walk, usually taking the dog along. Starting to run has not been easy at all; it's been very difficult. This is my 3rd week and I'm having a really hard time being able to run 4 straight minutes without having to stop and use my inhaler. I feel great when I'm done running, though. Time will tell if running a 5k was a realistic goal for me. I'm continuing to do my best and see what I can do.

Low-carb breakfasts. Any ideas? I've been eating plain yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs. I've had a half of a grapefruit with the above options a couple of mornings this week. Breakfast meats are an option which I don't have on hand right now.

Being able to breathe while running.

Making it from lunch to dinner without snacking. This is my hungriest time! Sometimes a bit of protein helps to keep me going.

Getting the right balance of healthy fats without overdoing.

Not craving sweets and carbs that much. Not cheating and eating a cookie. I thought this would be a lot harder for me.

Being able to stand firm and not eat snacks while feeding the boys a snack, usually crackers or something carb-y.

Plans For Next Week:
Stay on the course with running, trying to build strength and stamina.

Drink enough water!

I haven't lost any weight yet. I feel really good and have more energy, though. I'm hoping that between cutting out the carbs and exercising regularly that I will begin to see some results. I'm not sure if this was a fluke, but after running consistently for one week, I was able to zip my boots(calf-height) up all the way, which has never happened. I was excited about that!

Are you trying to eat healthier or lose some weight? Head over to Happy to be at Home to read more weekly updates and join in the fun!

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Aliciaq said...

Great job this week! Wish I have some breakfast ideas for you. When I did low carb i loved to sautee some cabbage with some nitrate free bacon and a couple of eggs! Yummy!

To help with the time between lunch and dinner - stick a mini meal in there! You should really be eating every couple of hours anyway... thats a long time to go without any food! Grab something with 100-200 calories in it to keep hunger at bay. Not sure what kind of lowcarb you are doing - but maybe some peanut butter and celery or cheese and a small apple.

Anyway... keep up the good work! I know the running will get easier and those pounds will start to fall!