Friday, January 02, 2009

Free Pie & Ice Cream!

We had an unexpected surprise as we were heading out of our local Earth Fare store last night. The lady that had been ahead of us in line came back into the store and asked if we'd like a store coupon for a free apple pie and store brand ice cream. She had already used one and had forgotten that she had 2 coupons. They expired that day so she wanted to give the extra one to us!

Andy took the groceries to the car and I marched back into the store to redeem the coupon. I paid 11 cents tax for a half-gallon of ice cream and an 8 inch apple pie. Both are made with natural and wholesome ingredients-no artificial sweeteners or questionable preservatives. For a store-bought pie, it is really quite delicious!

What a sweet surprise!


Debbie J. said...

Sure that wasn't an "Angel in Disguise? That was a special treat!

Wendi said...

How nice! You hear so many negative things about people that it is good to hear about this!