Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I'm kinda late to the menu planning party this week! My parents are in town visiting for a few days so blogging isn't necessarily my top priority this week.

My dad is diabetic so we try to eat more meat and less carb-heavy and casserole meals when he is here. Yum!

Sunday- bean and rice bowls,salad

Monday-out to eat for my birthday!

Tuesday-roasted chicken with sweet potatoes and carrots, salad, dinner rolls if time

Wednesday-baked tilapia, brown rice, stir-fry veggies

Thursday-sausage, onion and pepper stir fry, rice

Friday-pesto pizza, salad


With four of us for lunch instead of two, I'm needing to plan a bit more since there will probably not be enough leftovers for all of us each day!
-crustless quiche
-vegetable soup in the crockpot

I'm keeping the list of breakfast items pretty loose this week as we'll probably eat whatever we want, instead of sticking to a specific schedule as usual.
What I have on hand:
-bacon and sausage
-pancakes(in freezer)

Happy eating this week!


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,
Happy birthday!! :) I hope you have had a wonderful day.

Have a lot of fun with your family.

Phoebe said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday x