Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Cleaning:Kitchen

I finally got to the kitchen today! Yeah! I'm so glad to have the worst and dirtiest rooms in the house behind me. :-)

I cheated a little and did a few of the kitchen jobs along with dining room and laundry room tasks. such as- cleaning the trash cans at the same time I cleaned the laundry trash cans and laundry baskets and washing the window, blind and curtain at the same time I did the dining room's. It just made more sense that way!

Here's my finished list for the kitchen:
  • washed out trash cans
  • cleaned woodwork, doors, walls, base boards
  • cleaned out cabinets and drawers-not many so this was an easy job!
  • cleaned outside of refrigerator, stove and dishwasher
  • wiped counters
  • cleaned sink
  • cleaned above stove
  • cleaned stove top, burner coils, burner pans
  • cleaned oven
  • washed window and blind
  • washed curtain
  • swept and scrubbed floor
  • washed rugs(with bathroom rug for later in week)
This really didn't take me that long; it's a small space and a room that I try to keep up with throughout the year. Sometimes I do better than others.:-) It's amazing how much better these rooms are smelling after being thoroughly cleaned!

Rooms I have scheduled for spring cleaning later this week:
  • bathroom
  • bedroom


Mrs.B. said...

WOW MaryAnn! Your laundry room looks really nice, great job! (o:

Mrs. C said...

Good for you! You've been a busy bee today!