Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cleaning Bookshelves

Earlier this year, I signed up with Spring Clean 365: a task a day to keep our homes clean and in order.

I haven't been able to keep up as much as I'd like but I still try to do what I can when I can. Basically, I've been trying to do the daily tasks that I need to do and have time for.

This is difficult for me. I'm an "all or nothing" sort of person. But I'm learning. Slowly.

Anyways, recently one of the daily tasks was to take all the books off the bookshelf and dust well, then replace them.

Before: (Picture taken when we moved in so not all shelves were filled yet!)

This was something that definitely needed to be done! The books also needed to be organized by genre--we just threw them on the shelves any old way to get them out of boxes when we moved in last June and I still hadn't found time or energy to change them.

One afternoon last week when naptime lasted longer than 1 hour, (Yeah!) I started in. I began with the intent of only working on one bookcase but since I was reorganizing the books, I soon started on the other shelves too. I took all the books off, dusted the shelves well and left the books in 3 piles: Keep, Get Rid Of, Maybe.

The biggest pile was Keep.

Once I was done with all 3 bookcases, my husband came in and looked through the Maybe and Get Rid Of piles and put a few of those books on the Keep pile.

I love to read and enjoy books but maybe not as much as I used to. My husband isn't much of a book reader. There are some books that I definitely want to keep but I don't have a problem with getting rid of the ones I don't read and probably won't read again. I can get most of them at the library anyways.

I know some of you are gasping right now that I would so easily part with books! I'm sorry.:-)

One of our bookcases is rather unsteady and the back keeps falling off so I had the thought that perhaps all the books would now fit on the 2 bookcases and I could move the wobbly one out. We could use the extra space too!


We packed up one box of books to part with and the rest fit perfectly on the two bookcases, including one shelf of cookbooks. That made me happy!

I'm also happy to have this cleaning task done for a while!

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momstheword said...

I have no problem getting rid of books (unless they're a favorite!) so I support you, lol!

My mom loves books and we have to limit her to her room (she lives with us) else she will take over the rest of the house with her books.

My cousin had over 3,000 but finally cut down to 1500, lol!

Years ago we helped a friend move. She was a fellow homeschooler just as I was, only she had more books than I did.

My hubby counted 14 bookcases that they had to move. He said "I've never seen so many bookcases in my life!!!" Lol!