Friday, February 01, 2013

Craigslist Furniture

Several of you commented on this post that you'd like to see pictures of our "new-to-us" furniture. Here you go!

Obviously, none of these items are fancy furnishings or anything really high-end. I'm good with sturdy basic items that will hold up to a lot of use!


Patio table and chairs--The chairs came from the same home as the couch. She was moving out of state rather quickly for a new job and was taking only what could fit in her car. So prices were reasonable! So I'd prefer something more charming but the price was right and these are basic and fill the need and can be used for a long time until I find something I like better.

Dining room table and 6 chairs-We finally found one that we liked and was in our price range. This came from the sweetest Christian family. It does show some wear but nothing that couldn't be fixed when the time comes and we all know it will receive more wear around here! It's a super sturdy set. Once we got it home, I noticed how nicely it matches our dining room. It's the perfect shape and size for our space. (Only 5 chairs are pictured but we do have 6!)

What have you bought on Craigslist? 


Wendi said...

Great job! I agree that the table matches perfectly. :)

I purchased a table and chairs off of craigslist. It has some wear but I can't complain since I only paid $25! I plan to paint it this summer.

Rhonda said...

I have looked on Craigslist a few times, mainly to find yard sales as it seems the cheapest and prefered way for those sellers, but I've never bought anything.

I like your things!

Vikis Kitchen said...

very nice furniture sets. I bought our dinning table set and sofa, recliner from Craigslist. worth the money.

Katie said...

Wonderful deals, Mary Ann! And your dining table and chairs are beautiful ~ your dining room is so cozy and inviting!!! Love it ~ it all looks so cheery!

Thanks for sharing ~ hope you have a great weekend~