Thursday, September 06, 2012

Time To Fill Your Shoeboxes!

It's that time again.

Time to start thinking about what you want to pack in your shoe boxes.

Collection week is about 2 months away: November 12-19, 2012!

I've been squirreling a few things away all year but just today pulled out the boxes and sorted the items into each one. Now I know what I need to fill them in!

And as usual, our girl box is already much fuller than the boy box! Always seems to happen that way--maybe because I love buying girly stuff?!!

 **If you'd like, you can see this video I did last year about filling our shoeboxes. 


Wendi said...

Our church started collecting shoeboxes a couple of weeks ago. I really need to get moving on this. I will have to look through the school supply box this afternoon. Thanks giving me a push to get going on this!

Debbie J said...

I filled two boxes last year and because of many things, didn't turn them in on time. So I am good to go this year.