Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend In The Mountains: Folk School Festival

We were so excited to discover that the John C. Campbell Folk School Festival was the same weekend that we were in the mountains. This was our 2nd time attending and it was as enjoyable as we remembered!

Many many vendors were set up showing and selling their handmade wares as well as quite a few demonstrations of traditional  arts and crafts.

The Folk School is in a beautiful mountain location so some of these pictures were taken on the way to and from. I just couldn't resist!

We sampled and bought some delicious homemade fudge and also purchased BBQ plates for lunch. Sadly, we hadn't budgeted for purchasing anything extra from vendors although I saw many handmade items that I loved! One of the jewelry vendors had amazing pieces that I loved and I saw many lovely scarves as well! But it was just as fun to look!


That corgi :) said...

That would have been fun to look at the vendors and I'm sure the fudge was soooo good!!

we made the eggplant dish on Sunday; it came out very good! We liked it so very much! very tasty; definitely going to make it again; so glad I got the recipe from you; thanks!!!!!


Katie said...

Those pictures, Mary Ann, look so very refreshing ~ especially those last two! It's almost as if I can breathe in the crisp mountain air!! Makes me want to read "Heidi"! The festival and crafts looks like so much fun. Yes, just looking and not purchasing is a blessing all on its own ~ I love to just gather ideas and try to create some things on my own! I know your mind and hands do the same ~ the work of your hands is precious!

Blessings to you~

Mary said...

We've driven by there so many times and I always wondered what was taught at the school. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

i sold my wares there! in fact i was just two booths down from the guy who makes and sells the wooden spoons in your photo!!

Mary Ann said...


I know! I loved your products and booth and picked up your business card there. Visited your website which led me to your blog which I thoroughly enjoy!